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商用 AP Access point 基地台 的選擇

 At the $100-150/AP price point, here are basically all your options (alphabetized)*:

* Embedded = Controller integrated into AP firmware; no need for discrete controller (single point of failure averted, plus multi-master fail-over)
* Discrete = Requires standalone controller instance present on the same subnet; software bare-metal/VM or appliance, or onboard gateway/switch
* "dual control" = local + cloud control ability
  • Aruba Instant On
    • Controller: Embedded; local admin via app only (no web); cloud control optional
    • Cloud: Free; full feature parity; dual control
    • APs: AP11 ($80), AP11D ($105)
  • Cisco CBW
    • Controller: Embedded; locally web or app admin
    • Cloud: Free for up to 25 nodes (APs, switches, routers) per site; must self-host (AWS, Vultr, etc.); dual control
    • AP(s): CBW140AC, 145AC (wall), 240AC, mesh extenders
  • EnGenius EWS/ENH series w/ SkyKey
    • Controller: Discrete; bare-metal Windows or Linux, SkyKey appliance or running on their managed switches; local with cloud optional
    • Cloud: Free; full feature parity; dual control
    • APs: EWS355AP (AC), EWS357AP (AX), ENH-series outdoor models -- AVOID the Cloud-only ECW series
  • Grandstream GWN
    • Controller: Embedded; web or cloud manageable (both at same time)
    • Cloud: Free; full feature parity; dual control
    • APs: GWN7600, 7610, 7615, 7630
  • Mikrotik (CAPsMAN)
    • Controller: Embedded in RouterOS
    • Cloud: Self-hosted cloud RouterOS VM (via VPN); cloud-only control plane if you do this
    • APs: Multiple, cheap
  • Netgear Insight
    • Controller: Embedded; cloud-only
    • Cloud: Paid
    • APs: WAC510 ($100)
  • TP-Link Omada
    • Controller: bare-metal, VM on Windows or Linux, Raspberry Pi or OC200 appliance; local, optional cloud as well
    • Cloud: Free; full feature parity; dual control
    • APs: EAP225v3, EAP245, also outdoor models
  • Ubiquiti UniFi
    • Controller: bare-metal, VM or Docker on Windows or Linux, Raspberry Pi, CloudKey Gen2 appliance or integrated included onboard a Dream Machine / UDM Pro
    • Cloud: Ubiquiti will host for free, or you can pay to host your own on AWS, Vultr, etc.; if cloud, can't control locally
    • APs: UAP-AC-LITE (AC), UAP-6-LITE (AX), also outdoor models
  • Zyxel Nebula
    • Controller: Built into Zyxel Gateway or NXC appliances, or Nebula cloud (not software-installable)
    • Cloud: Free and paid tiers; APs; cloud or local controller, but not both
    • APs: Unified or Unified Pro models, $200+ ea.
Refurb/Working-Pull Enterprise off eBay
  • Ruckus Unleashed
    • Controller: Embedded; local or cloud admin via web or app
    • Cloud: Free, optional; dual control possible; can locally administrate by web or app
    • APs: R500/600 ($30-75), R510/610 ($100-200), H510 wall unit ($80-200)
  • Aruba Instant
    • Controller: Embedded; local and/or cloud admin via web
    • Cloud: Aruba Central, paid subscription required; dual control; local web admin
    • APs: IAP205/215/225 ($75-200)

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