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I thought it is the best solution.

Since we started to use the SUN 3.5G plan, we had one big problem that our 2 cellphone and 2 laptop need to online at the same time and SUN only provided one 3.5G USB Modem. What could we do for the problem?

Before we came back to Taiwan, our solution is that one laptop with 3.5G modem is on line and share the Internet by build-in function of Windows OS. The laptop connected with Access Point (AP) by twist cable/cross cable, and the Access Point broadcasted the 802.11g signal to the other machines.

However, there are big shortcoming:
1. The laptop must always be turn on.
2. The downstream speed is not stable: Because of the limit of Windows OS, the share speed is slowly and unstable.

After we were back to Taiwan, I did some research for 3.5G Access Point.
There were some candidates in online auction and shopping websites.
1. ZyXEL ZyWALL5-N NTD 2500 (3500P)
2. EVERelite MOR600 NTD3600 (5040P)
3. Huawei E960 NTD3500 (4900P)
4. SAPIDO GR-1100 NTD2100 (2940P)
5. SAPIDO GR-1500 NTD2700 (3780P)

We got 3.5G modem, huawei E160 from SUN.

ZyXEL ZyWALL5-N have the best specification of all. It supports 802.11n、Gigabit Ethernet, but it supports Huawei E168/E220/E800 3.5G modem.

EVERelite MOR600 doesn't support Huawei E160 and have high price, so we canceal the candidate.

Huawei E960 doesn't need 3.5G USB modem and it is the best choice that it can be inserted the 3G SIM card. But it is not sold in Taiwan, only Fetnet have a plan leasing it. Fortunately I found one in website. Unfortunately, I losed the chance

SAPIDO GR-1100 and GR-1500 have one different point. There is 4 LAN ports in GR-1500.
The products of SAPIDO have good extention functions, like Printer, Webcam, HDD, Flash, and Card-Reader, Built-in FTP and Samba Server. They also support 3.5G modems of many brands.

Finially, I chose SAPIDO GR-1500 and use it happly.


自從辦了SUN 3.5G網路後,我們一直有個困擾。我們有兩隻手機、兩台筆電都需要上線,但SUN只有提供一台3.5G Modem(3.5G USB網卡)。一次只能有一台電腦上線,這該怎麼辦好呢?

還沒回到台灣前,我的解決方法是先暫時用一台筆電用3.5G USB網卡接上線,接著用Windows Vista內建的網路分享出來,用網路線連接到AP分享器。其他設備再透過AP分享器的WIFI網路連接上網。

1. 當主機的筆電要持續開機
2. 下游速度不穩:由於Windows OS連線數的限制,導致分享出去的網路速度不快,也不穩定。


1. ZyXEL ZyWALL5-N NTD 2500
2. EVERelite MOR600 NTD3600
3. Huawei E960 NTD3500
4. SAPIDO GR-1100 NTD2100
5. SAPIDO GR-1500 NTD2700

SUN提供給我們的網卡是 Huawei E160。

就硬體規格而言,以ZyXEL ZyWALL5-N的規格最為強大,擁有802.11n、Gigabit Ethernet的連線能力,但缺點是僅支援 Huawei E168/E220/E800 3.5G網卡。

EVERelite MOR600 不支援Huawei E160、且價格也最高,故完全不考慮。

Huawei E960不用3.5G網卡、直接插入SIM卡即可上網,是最佳選擇,但台灣沒有銷售,僅遠傳有引進供使用者租借(約滿要歸還)。在Yahoo拍賣的那台,轉眼間被買走了,只能徒留遺憾。

SAPIDO GR-1100和GR-1500的差異是在4個 LAN ports。
如Printer, Webcam, HDD, Flash, and Card-Reader, Built-in FTP, Samba Server都可以順利支援。

最後,我選擇了SAPIDO GR-1500,使用愉快中。

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SyntaxError 提到...


welcome to manila!

any chance you can help me get a sapido gr-1100?


David Chiang 提到...

Because of Shipping fee and brand new one, it is more than 4000 Piso.

Do you need it?



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