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購買妹妹貓 to buy MeiMei cat

At first, we didn’t want to feed a cat. It was a accident.
My girlfriend would like one dog, especially Chow Chow.

We heard from my friend that there are a pet street near RECTO station, LRT2. We got to go there in April-13.

There were dirty environments, but there were multivariate animals, like owls, chickens, ducks, even monkey.

We found only one Chow Chow in the animal street. Look, it is real fat and cute.

It is a pity that the puppy is not pure, and it has no one black tongue. Most of Important, we didn’t like it that it is not male.

We hoped we can feed the female pet, because we don’t want to touch its penis when we hug our pet.

When we gave it up, we saw another one hope that it is our mei-mei cat.
She was closed with another female kitten. It is obvious that mei-mei cat is more thin than another. The boss told us they were almost 2~3 months, tiger-look.

Joann liked her very much. She hugged the mei-mei cat and told me that if I really like her and didn’t take her home I would regret it. The boss take her from Joann to me in order to let me feel her temper and beating of the heart. She was very light and lied on my chest like a baby.

I hesitated if we bought her home. We would come back Taiwan for two weeks in the next month. (2009, May) If we took her home right now, (2009, April) we didn’t know how to do in next month. We got here for less two moths and only one set of friends, Gum’s family. Who can take care of our kitten? I didn’t answer it at once.

My girlfriend convinced me finally that we wouldn’t meet our kitten next time if we didn’t take her home. Besides, if we have the problem about Pet Care this time, we will have the same problem in the future. It must have one solution.

Mei-Mei cat was still purring on my chest. Suddenly, I had one strange feel that she was our daughter. Ok, she will be. Let's Go!

Thanks God help me decided it. We are fortune with mei-mei cat in the future.

There are photo about our mei-mei cat coming our home that day.


我們聽朋友說LRT2 RECTO附近有個寵物街,在April-13那天我們兩人自己出發準備去碰個運氣。









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