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在Raspberry RasPBX上安裝 3G/4G網卡的設定

很怕原始網址消失 所以趕緊把操作步驟存下來

1) Verify your dongle is in the supported list by raspbx/chan_dongle
2) Voice is enabled on the dongle (using dc-locker tool)
3) follow steps per
4) connect to raspbx, type asterisk -r and type
dongle show device state dongle0
This should show that your dongle is connected to whatever network your SIM belongs to.
Now to the actual setup:
In Freepbx:

1) Click Connectivity –> Trunks -> Add Custom Trunk.
a) Provide a trunk name
b) set Outbound CallerID to the number of your SIM
c) set Custom Dial String field to dongle/dongle0/$OUTNUM$
d) set the match pattern in the first row under Dialed Number Manipulation Rules to
NXXNXXXXXX (do not change anything in other fields in that row).
e) Submit changes
f) Apply config
2) Click Connectivity -> Outbound routes
a) Provide a route name
b) set the third column in first row of Dial Patterns that will use this Route to
NXXNXXXXXX (this is the field before / and 1st of the fields in [ and ])
c) select the trunk created in step 1 above under Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes for
row 0
3) Click Applications -> Generic SIP device
a) Set extension number
b) Set Display name
c) Set password for secret field under Device Options
d) Set nat to Yes for nat field under Device Options (needed if your SIP extension is
out of your home network or behind a firewall)
e) Submit
f) Apply config
4) Click Connectivity -> Inbound routes
a) Provide a name/Description
b) Select Extensions and select your SIP extension created in Step 3 above.
c) Submit
d) Apply config
5) Click Settings -> Asterisk SIP settings
a) set NAT to yes (if needed)
b) set proper IP configuration values
c) Submit changes
d) Apply config
At this point, you should be able to connect your SIP client to your raspbx within the home network. Make sure it works fine before you actually try to access raspbx from other networks.
My config was E169 on raspbx(raspberry pi) using an AT&T SIM card in the USA.

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