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項目經理的角色項目經理通過為團隊成員確定優先級和分配任務來充當積極的領導者。敏捷項目經理(或 Scrum Master)主要充當促進者,消除團隊面臨的任何障礙。團隊分擔更多的責任來管理自己的工作。  
日程在項目的啟動、計劃、執行和收尾階段遵循大部分線性路徑。  時間被組織成稱為衝刺的階段。每個 Sprint 都有一個定義的持續時間,在 Sprint 開始時計劃了一組可交付成果。
成本通過在項目的整個生命週期中預先仔細估算和密切監控,可以控製成本。 成本和進度可能會隨著每次迭代而改變。
溝通項目經理不斷向利益相關者傳達里程碑和其他關鍵指標的進展情況,確保項目按計劃進行,以滿足客戶的期望。 團隊以客戶為中心,用戶和項目團隊之間保持一致的溝通。
利益相關者項目經理持續管理和監控利益相關者的參與,以確保項目正常進行。 團隊經常在整個項目中向利益相關者提供可交付成果。里程碑的進展取決於利益相關者的反饋。

Waterfall and Agile Comparison

Project manager's roleProject manager serves as an active leader by prioritizing and assigning tasks to team members.Agile project manager (or Scrum Master) acts primarily as a facilitator, removing any barriers the team faces. Team shares more responsibility in managing their own work.  
ScopeProject deliverables and plans are well-established and documented in the early stages of initiating and planning. Changes go through a formal change request process. Planning happens in shorter iterations and focuses on delivering value quickly. Subsequent iterations are adjusted in response to feedback or unforeseen issues.
ScheduleFollows a mostly linear path through the initiating, planning, executing, and closing phases of the project.  Time is organized into phases called Sprints. Each Sprint has a defined duration, with a set list of deliverables planned at the start of the Sprint.
CostCosts are kept under control by careful estimation up front and close monitoring throughout the life cycle of the project. Costs and schedule could change with each iteration.
QualityProject manager makes plans and clearly defines criteria to measure quality at the beginning of the project.Team solicits ongoing stakeholder input and user feedback by testing products in the field and regularly implementing improvements.
CommunicationProject manager continually communicates progress toward milestones and other key indicators to stakeholders, ensuring that the project is on track to meet the customer’s expectations. Team is customer-focused, with consistent communication between users and the project team.
StakeholdersProject manager continually manages and monitors stakeholder engagement to ensure the project is on track. Team frequently provides deliverables to stakeholders throughout the project. Progress toward milestones is dependent upon stakeholder feedback.

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